Tips & Solutions about electric motor rebuilds and more

When aiming for perfection, it is essential to have a complete understanding of the tools and knowledge available to you. As a result, the staff at DMS Motor Solutions are always investigating new equipment, materials, technologies and processes. As we learn about exciting shifts and developments in the industry, we’ll post them here so that you can stay on top of the most current news.

Rick - Machinist DMS Team

Ensure Proper Testing Procedures with Witnessing Services from DMS Motor Solutions

When it comes to your operation’s testing protocols and assessments, it is essential that they be performed properly, by the book, and with an unmatched level of thoroughness. The team at DMS Motor Solutions understands the critical nature of tests and offers witnessing services that leverage our years of experience in adhering to some of […]

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DMS Motor Solutions Offers Innovative, Forward-Thinking Electric Motor Repair

For over forty years, DMS Motor Solutions has been committed to providing innovative, novel, and forward-thinking electric motor repairs. Guided by a simple principle, to develop the solutions necessary to provide the absolute highest quality repair services available, we are continually testing new equipment, new technologies, and new methods. Because of this, our services are […]

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DMS Portal Quality

Rotating Equipment Services and Electric Motor Maintenance

As with most complex machinery, scheduled maintenance of your rotating equipment and electric motors ensures that everything continues to run smoothly. Checking your equipment’s alignment, the integrity of seals, and so forth is a great way to get the most out of your equipment. Not only does it provide you with valuable peace of mind, […]

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Keep Replacement Motors in “New” Condition with Time Capsule Nitrogen Technology

If you’ve put money into acquiring replacement equipment, you’re likely concerned about having that equipment ready, waiting in the wings, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. While, historically, there was often a tradeoff between being prepared and keeping your equipment in “new” condition… DMS Motor Solutions is proud to say that we have […]

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Bell Fabrication

The Underlying Reasons Behind Electric Motor Vibration

Electric motor vibration is one of the leading causes of equipment damage. Inside your motor, parts are being exposed to unnecessary amounts of friction. Bearings are being shredded, belts are frayed, and gears are dulled. Over time, these almost unnoticeable issues can come to a head. They can result in catastrophic, irreparable damage that leads […]

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DMS Transition Base

Motor Transition Bases So Effective You Can Stand a Penny on its Edge While Operating at Full Capacity

When you’re looking to retrofit your new electric motors, don’t think that all solutions are created equal. DMS Motor Solutions’ patented motor transition bases are designed to increase efficiency by eliminating dangerous vibration. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, misalignment and vibration are one of the leading causes of motor failure. Placing additional stress and […]

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Take Advantage of Our Team’s Experience with Project Expertise from DMS Motor Solutions

If you’re juggling multiple responsibilities, adding a new project to the mix can be disastrous. Demanding additional time, effort and manpower, new projects stretch already thin resources even thinner. The risk, of course, is that with added responsibilities, old responsibilities fall by the wayside. Before you know it, production has backed up, maintenance has been […]

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Save Money and Prevent Downtime with a Motor Frame Conversion

As quickly as industry changes, your business also needs to change to stay on top. With how quickly new motors are developed, your business also needs to stay up to date. But, how can you stay current without sinking massive costs into new equipment? How can you upgrade your equipment without incurring costly downtime? If […]

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How to Detect and Prevent Electric Motor Vibration

Electric motor vibration is one of the primary reasons for equipment damage. Left unchecked, it can wreak havoc on your motor’s internal components, throwing it out of balance and drastically shortening its service life. When failure inevitably occurs, it leads to costly downtime, increased costs and – worst of all – frustrated customers. As the […]

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Save Money, Increase Efficiency and Avoid Downtime with an Electric Motor Rewind

When it comes to electric motors, efficiency is on the mind of most operators. With the annual cost of operation dwarfing the motor’s original purchase price, an efficient motor is essential to running a profitable, fast-moving operation. When your electric motor breaks down, it can cripple your business… reducing output, lowering profits and increasing downtime. […]

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Preserve Your Engine’s “Newness” With Time Capsule Nitrogen Technology

When you invest in replacement equipment, you want to be certain that – when the time comes – it will be ready to integrate seamlessly into your operation. It can be difficult to ensure preparedness while also maintaining the integrity of your replacement parts. Typically, long term storage comes with a caveat… your parts will […]

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The Industry’s Most Innovative Electric Motor Repair from DMS Motor Solutions

DMS Motor Solutions was founded in 1971 and purchased by Tim Fielding in 2002. In that time, we have been guided by one purpose: to provide the industry’s most innovative solutions and highest quality electric motor repair services. As we are constantly refining our processes, generating new ideas and testing novel methodologies, our service offerings […]

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Advice on Maintaining Your Electric Motors and Rotating Equipment

In almost any manufacturing industry, regular maintenance keeps the gears turning and the lights on. Unfortunately, the maintenance routines of electric motors and rotating equipment are often overlooked. Too often, wrapped up in “more important” tasks, owners and operators push inspections, tune-ups and essential record keeping to the wayside. As a result, serious problems – […]

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Why You Should Ensure That Your Rotating Equipment Isn’t Misaligned

When it comes to your rotating equipment, keeping them clean, lubricated and maintained is essential. But, in addition to regular checks and maintenance, it’s just as important to ensure that your equipment isn’t misaligned. Misalignment can be the result of a number of things, such as a loose belt of an uneven shaft. No matter […]

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Certified Welding

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency with Motor Rebuilds from DMS Motor Solutions

When your motor begins to fade, your entire operation can struggle. Lowered efficiency can wreak havoc on your process and, worse yet, result in costly, unexpected downtime. Typically, when inefficiency is first detected, it’s time to start investigating your options. Your first option, of course, is to simply replace the motor and, while this is […]

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Large Exciter

Three Common Causes of Vibration in Electric Motors

Machine vibration is the root of a number of serious issues that can cause irreparable damage to your equipment. The oscillation of components inside electric motors – bearings, belts, gears and so forth – is a constant, unyielding source of heartache for businesses across the globe, as it often leads to unplanned downtime and loss […]

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The Value of Electric Motor Rewinds

The yearly cost of operation for many electric motors approaches ten times the motor’s purchase price. Bearing that in mind, it’s no surprise that operators are concerned about efficiency. An efficient motor contributes to an efficient process by increasing reliability and – most importantly – keeping operating costs low. When an electric motor fails or […]

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Motor Mattress

Motor Transition Technology 500HP Uprate

When this coal-fired power station needed a 500HP increase on their 1500HP 4kV fan motors and had only ten days to do it, they turned to DMS Motor Solutions. With a planned outage nearing an end and their ID fan motors in serious need of 500 additional horsepower to meet operations’ new demands for more […]

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