Timothy Fielding

President DMS Motor Solutions

Tim Fielding is the president and technology leader of DMS Motor Solutions and founder of GenCo Alliance, a motor management firm. Tim is a strategic, multidisciplinary designer and technical director with an eye for innovation and machine perfection. He has worked the gamut of clients (GE, Westinghouse, New England Power Company & Exelon to name a few) designing innovative solutions from the ground up.

After sucessfully completing his master electrical contractors licensing, Tim launched his career in his home state of Rhode Island, where his first startup company specailized in design/build contracting for utility demand side management (DSM) programs. That eventually led to a five-year partnership with a prominent utility company and new technology innovative efficiency designs, some of the first in the nation meeting and exceeding strict energy codes.

Much of Tim’s 37-year career has been spent providing large industrials and utilities with electrical design/build services using a wide range of skillsets acquired through many years of specialty projects. Having a diverse multidiscipline pool of power system experience has given him the ability to see the requirements of the project through the unique perspective of each engineering dicipline. That depth gives him the vision to build the solution for you, meeting and exceeding all of your engineering requirements and in most cases, before DMS strikes the first arc for the project.

Tim is located at the headquarters for our group of companies in Kalamazoo, MI.

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