Electric motor replacement services

Bases, we cover them, too. When replacing an electric motor, DMS starts from the ground up. From our specification development service, OEM hold point witnessing, receipt inspection and testing, long-term storage and just-in-time delivery to the concrete and steel base that make up the most important part of the installation. Check out our vibration reducing transition bases.

To help you maintain your facility’s uptime, DMS Motor Solutions offers the most extensive motor replacement services available. With the ability to source and supply suitable replacement motors for a range of industries and applications, we provide fast shipping, unmatched quality control and thorough installation services to assist you in recovering from a motor failure. When you source your replacement motor from DMS Motor Solutions, you can be confident that we approach your issue with the same level of care, attention to detail and commitment to quality that we devote to all of our electric motor repair services.

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