Electric motor rebuild services

DMS Motor Solutions offers the industry’s highest quality motor rebuild services. Aiming for the tightest tolerances possible, ensuring all components are true, tight and friction free are only a few of the steps involved in our motor rebuild process. Our refusal to compromise on the quality of our rebuilds ensures that your motor will last a long time and, to better deliver on our promise of quality, we have established our own in-house quality control system that performs a thorough, comprehensive inspection of your motor before, during and after its completion. When assembled, it’s reliable, period.

  • Certified Welding
  • Lamination Core
  • Large Lathe Armature
  • Motor Shaft Repair
  • Lathe Motor Machining
  • Milling Quality
  • Motor Rebuild
  • Repair Machining Large
  • Motor Test
  • Motor Testing
  • New Shaft Lathe
  • Welding Shaft Repair
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