If you’ve put money into acquiring replacement equipment, you’re likely concerned about having that equipment ready, waiting in the wings, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. While, historically, there was often a tradeoff between being prepared and keeping your equipment in “new” condition… DMS Motor Solutions is proud to say that we have developed technology that makes this compromise obsolete. No longer does your replacement equipment need to be either ready or new… it can be both!

Seeking an innovative solution, we sought to develop Time Capsule Nitrogen Technology. This technology allows for nitrogen motor storage that preserves your equipment. It allows you to have a replacement machine ready – at all times – that is stored in such a way that its “newness” is preserved.

With our proprietary system, we have eliminated the need to sacrifice newness for the sake of preparedness. Keeping your spare on hand, ready to ship the minute that you need it, we have all but eliminated common issues that arise during replacement. No more unexpected delays, no more unanticipated wear from storage… just a new engine, deployed to your facility when you need it. As a result, your downtime is reduced, headaches are alleviated, and your operation is able to get back to work on track and on schedule.

At DMS Motor Solutions, we are driven to innovate. Not satisfied with the status quo, we are constantly seeking new solutions to common problems. Whether you’re experiencing unidentifiable vibrations in an essential piece of equipment or you’re looking for proactive solutions that will keep your operation moving, we’re confident that we can provide you with services that afford you peace of mind and – more importantly – the ability to focus on being productive. If you’ve been searching for a partner that will rise to the challenges of your industry, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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